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Table of Contents

Section 1     Incorporation, Structure and History

1.1       Act of Incorporation

1.2       Bishops of the Archdiocese

1.3       Brief History of Parishes and Missions

1.4       Civil Status of the Archdiocese

1.5       Deaneries of the Archdiocese

1.6       Foundation and Growth of the Archdiocese

1.7.1   Parishes, Quasi-Parishes and Missions of the Archdiocese

1.7.2   Creation and Modification of a Parish, Quasi-Parish or Mission

Form 1.7.2.a – Request for Parish Modification

1.8       Registration of Parishioners

Form 1.8.a – Parishioner Registration

1.9       Protocol for Parishioner Registration

1.10     Parish, Deanery and Archdiocesan Committees

Section 2    Sacraments and Liturgy

2.1      Sacred Space

2.1.1   Concerts and Other Events in Churches

Form 2.1.1.a – Request for Permission to Use Church for Performance or Presentation

2.1.2   Renovations to Sacred Places

                 Form 2.1.2.a  – Proposed Renovation/Change to a Sacred Place

2.1.3   School Mass Guidelines   (School Mass Planning Guide)

2.1.4   The Use of Catholic Churches and Church Sites for Non-Catholic Services

Form 2.1.4.a – Application to Use a Catholic Church or Church Site for a Non-Catholic Service

2.2       Baptism

2.2.0   Sacramental Guidelines – Initiation of Children

2.2.1   Preparation for the Sacrament of Baptism

2.2.2   Baptisms from Outside the Parish/Diocese

2.2.3   Registering Apostasy Act of Re-Admission

2.3       Reconciliation       

2.3.1   Catechetical Norms for First Reconciliation

2.4       First Communion

2.4.1   Catechetical Norms for First Eucharist

2.5       The Eucharist


2.5.2   Sunday Celebrations in the Absence of a Priest

2.5.3   Extraordinary Ministers of Communion

2.5.4   Celiac Disease and Communion

2.6        Confirmation

2.6.1   Guidelines for the Sacrament of Confirmation (Request for the Sacrament of Confirmation to be Celebrated in Your Parish)  

2.6.2   Eastern Rite Confirmation

(Find the sacramental preparation information all in one document –                       Sacramental Guidelines – The Initiation of Children)

2.7       Marriage

2.7.1   Requirements for Marriage

2.7.2   The Place and Time for the Celebration of Marriage

2.7.3   Marriage Forms

Form 1 – Initial Interview of Couple

Form 2   – Individual Interview

Form 3  – Concerning Proof of Freedom to Marry

Form 4 – Concerning Baptismal Status

Form 5  – Dispensations and Permissions

Form 6 – Previous Relationships

Form 7 – Notice for Baptism Record 

Form 8 – Checklist of Required Documents                            

2.8       Holy Orders

2.8.1  The Sacrament of Holy Orders (see also Directive 2.8.1 )

2.9     In development

2.10    Funerals

2.10.1   Guidelines for Catholic Funerals

2.10.2   Funeral Liturgy Guidelines – French

2.10.3   Funeral for an Unborn or Non-Baptized Child

Section 3    Financial Administration 

3.1       Parish Finances and Property

3.1.1    Parish Banking Procedures

Form 3.1.1.a – Parish Collection Report (October 2018)

                 Form 3.1.1.b – Parish Record of Payment (April 2019)

3.1.2   Pooled Investment Fund

3.1.3   Review and Audit at the Time of Pastoral Assignment

Form 3.1.3.a – Release Form for Pastors Departing a Parish

Form 3.1.3.b – Parish Inventory

3.1.4   Gifting Policy

3.1.5   Parish Registers & Financial Instruments

        3.1.6   Reporting and Recordkeeping – Parishes and Missions

        3.1.7   Parish Cemetery Funds

                Forms for Burial Plots

       3.1.8     Parish Property Maintenance

                Form 3.1.8.a – Inspection and Maintenance (June 2019)

       3.1.9     Parish Property Insurance 

3.2       Assessments and Pensions

3.2.1   Assessments for Operations and Priests’ Pension

3.2.2   Obligations of a Diocese to its Retired Priests

3.3       Collections

3.3.1    Annual and Special Collections

Form 3.3.1.a – Annual Collections (2021) (2022) (2023)

3.3.2   Extra-Diocesan Collections & Solicitations

3.4       Extraordinary Expenditures

3.4.1   Guidelines for Building a Church

3.4.2   Extraordinary Expenditures

Form 3.4.2.a – Parish Petition for an Extraordinary Expenditure of $5,000 or more

Form 3.4.2.b – Decision for an Extraordinary Expenditure

         3.4.3  Parish Project Fundraising 

3.5       Stipends and Allowances

3.5.1   Parish Responsibilities for Collecting and Paying Fees for Pastoral Services

3.5.2   Mass Stipends

3.5.3   Clergy Living Allowance

3.5.4   Employee Travel Allowance

                   Form 3.5.4.a – Travel Expenses Claim

3.5.5   Reporting of Stipends

Form 3.5.5.a – Mass Intentions and Stipends Monthly Report

3.6       Vacations and Leaves

3.6.1   Pastoral Help when a Priest is Absent

Form 3.6.1.a – Notification of a Planned Absence by a Priest

Form 3.6.1.b – Claim for Ministerial Services Rendered

3.6.2   Vacation, Retreat and Continuing Education

Form 3.6.2.a – Deanery Vacation Schedule

3.6.3   Clarification on the Computing of Priests’ Vacation

3.6.4   Serving as Spiritual Director on Pilgrimages

3.6.5    Sabbatical Leave for Priests

3.6.6   Formation, Care and Remuneration of Seminarians

3.7       Parishes and parishioners

3.7.1   Financial Contributions for Attending Conferences and Workshops Outside of the Archdiocese

Form 3.7.1.a – Application for Financial Contribution to Attend Workshop/Conference

Section 4     Faith Formation 

4.1        Policy for Inviting a Presenter or Preacher

              Form 4.1.a – Notice of Event/Speaker

Section 5     Personnel Management 

5.1 Safe Environment Policies

5.1.1    Responsible Ministry

Form 5.1.a – Personal Information for Employees and Volunteers for Ministry

Form 5.1.b – Ministry Suitability and Covenant of Care

Form 5.1.c – Code of Conduct Acknowledgement

Form 5.1.d – 5.1.d Standard Form for Personal Reference Check

Form 5.1.e  – Record of Parish Screening

Letter Template for Police Check

Addresses for RCMP and CFS Offices

5.1.2    Safe Environment

Code of Conduct of the Archdiocese of Grouard-McLennan

5.2       Misconduct Policy

        5.2.1     Misconduct Policy

        5.2.2    Policy and Protocols for Allegations of Sexual Misconduct and Abuse by Clergy, Staff, or Volunteers



5.5      Lay Personnel

      5.5.1 Archdiocesan and Parish Lay Employees

Section 6    Clerical Life and Ministries 

6.1       Parochial Registers and Archives

6.2       Selecting Lay Ministers

6.3       Complaints about the Pastoral Ministry of a Priest

Complaint Report Form

6.4       Death of a Member of the Clergy


6.6       Incardination of Clergy

6.7       Ministerial Faculties and Approvals

Section 7    Miscellaneous 

7.1       Gambling Policy

7.2       The Archbishop’s Dinner

Checklist for the Archbishop’s Dinner

7.3       Canonical Visitations

7.4       Archdiocesan Archives

7.4.1   Protection of Personal Information in Archived Records

Request for a Sacrament Certificate (Apr 2017)

               Request for a Sacrament Certificate (fillable) (Apr 2017)

7.4.2   Archives Access for Research Purposes

Form 7.4.a – Archives Research Request form

Form 7.4.b – Statement of Compliance

Form 7.4.c – Archives Research Request – Indian Residential Schools 

7.5       Cemeteries

7.6        Policy for Websites and Other Internet-based Media 

Section 8      Policy on Activities and Events for Youth and Young Adults 

8.1       General Information about this Policy

8.2       Pre-approval for Extra-diocesan Events

Form 8.2.a – Request for Permission to Organize an Event

Form 8.2.b – Risk Assessment

Form 8.2.c – Draft Itinerary

8.3       Fundraising and Money-handling

8.4       Screening and Acceptable Conduct

Form 8.4.a – Code of Conduct – participants

Form 8.4.b – Code of Conduct – leaders, supervisors, chaperones

8.5       Organizational Requirements and Checklist for Youth Events

           8.5.1   World Youth Days

Form 8.5.a – Participant Information

Form 8.5.b – Waiver – Consent of parent/guardian

Form 8.5.c – Waiver – Adult participant

Form 8.5.d –  Group Information and Event Itinerary

8.6       Reporting on Youth Events


Directive 2.8.1  Preparation of an ordination of a permanent deacon or priest

Appendix A

Appendix B

Appendix C

Appendix D, E, F

Appendix G

Directive 3.1.1 Parish Signing Authorities – responsibilities

Directive 3.1.9 Changing Parish Property Insurance Coverage

Directive 3.3.1 Disaster Response Framework

Directive 5.5.1 Archdiocesan and Parish Lay Employees

Directive 6.1 Maintaining a Parish Archive