The Archdiocesan Liturgy Committee has a four-part mandate from the Archbishop:

  1. to be knowledgeable about the Church’s liturgy and liturgical practice;
  2. to promote and communicate an awareness of the Church’s liturgical practices;
  3. to offer programs of adult faith formation with an aim to gaining a deeper understanding of the liturgy generally, and the training of various liturgical ministries; and,
  4. to plan the liturgies that are proper to the Archdiocese as a whole.

    To contact or join the Archdiocese’s Liturgy Committee e-mail:

In October 2016, the ALC hosted the first of three liturgical music workshops in the Archdiocese, presented by a well-known and -respected liturgist/journalist, Bernadette Gasslein.  She introduced us to the CCCB publication, Guidelines for Liturgical Music.

As a resource for music ministers in the Archdiocese, and all who are interested in liturgical music, the ALC has prepared “information sheets”, based on the Guidelines. 

Resources for parish music ministry