2023 Canadian Catholic Financial Administrators Conference

The Archdiocese of Grouard-McLennan co-hosted the 2023 Canadian Catholic Financial Administrators Conference, bringing together financial administrators from dioceses and eparchies across Canada

Taking place May 28th-June 1st of 2023. the conference included a series of speakers, in-depth discussions, and a tour of various parish communities in our archdiocese – including Grande Prairie, McLennan and Valleyview. The conference was co-hosted with the Diocese of St. Paul and the Diocese of Prince George. Below are some of the presentations shared at this year’s conference.


CCFA: Beginnings to Now (Peter Browne)

Restructuring in the Wake of Litigation (Colleen Menchions)
View the full video of this presentation here.

Indigenous Reconciliation Fund (Jim Long)

Ecclesiastical Presentation (Colin Robertson)

Embracing Technology To Complement Catholic Evangelization
The Role and Impact of Financial Administrators
(Vince Costantino)

Meribah Flow (Jack Ong & Soames Lum)