‘Gifted to give’

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A lifetime of service

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Offering meals and offering hope

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Planting seeds of hope

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Into full communion

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Offering meals and offering hope

St. Joseph food ministry provides a way for parishioner to honour his son

Planting seeds of hope

Franciscan Missionaries of Hope reflect on their time serving the Canadian north

Joining our suffering to Christ

As euthanasia becomes a more pressing issue in our country, Msgr. Charles Lavoie reflects on the importance of our Faith in cherishing life to its natural end

Into full communion

Grande Prairie family finds strength through faith as they prepare for baptism

‘It has all paid off’

Wilfred and Rosemarie Willier reflect on a lifetime of faith together

Open to whatever God gives me

RJ Mallannao reflects on his decades long journey towards the priesthood

Not the hand, just the instrument

Rocky Okimaw is an example of devout faith for his parish and community

A ministry of presence

High Prairie pastor uses new training in ministry to sick and elderly

Revitalizing parish life

Priests look ahead after completing the 2023 Clergy Study Days program

‘First we must make them saints’

Ste. Marie School in Spirit River spark students’ curiosity on All Saints Day

The search for the 99

Workshops held to renew youth ministry efforts in the archdiocese

‘We are present’

After four years of hard work, Girouxville parish nears completion of its new church stairs

A holy oasis away from the world

First-time counsellor recounts his transformative experience at Camp St. Martin

The strength to rebuild

Little Red River community celebrate one-of-a-kind pilgrimage after devastating wildfire

The loss of St. Bernard’s

Grouard community mark the loss of historic church

Enduring the flames

Priests and parishioners hold to faith as wildfires ravage their communities

All in God’s time

Helen Ford has found a renewed strength and trust in God through her life-changing year

Arts, crafts & catechesis

St. Mary’s students learn about the Faith through monthly art project

Finding peace in the church

Newly confirmed Catholics reflect on their journey into Catholicism

Laying the foundations

A look back at the role of religious women in bringing health care to the Peace Country

After the example of the Good Shepherd

As he begins his pastoral internship this spring, Paul Edo-Aranmude reflects on his vocation

Filling the church with carols

Ben Hill hopes Christmas festival will become a growing tradition for his parish

A look back at Catholic cooperativism

Evens Lavoie is a living link to St. Isidore’s unique history of cooperative farming

A century of church life

Donnelly’s Catholic community hold centennial celebration for their church

‘Ryan you’re going to be a priest’

Through many paths of discernment, Ryan Beaupre continues following the call to priesthood

Just like a home monastery

Goodfare couple have preserved former church as home chapel for past 20 years

Walking together towards reconciliation

Angie Crerar and Archbishop Pettipas reflect on the meaning of reconciliation at church event

Bringing back the momentum

After two summers without camp, Camp St. Martin returns with one of its best years yet

No longer a doubting Thomas

As he enters his sixth year of formation, Thomas Wollis reflects on his vocational journey

‘This is how it was’

Senior who altar served at cathedral’s consecration Mass reflects on its more than 70 year history

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