Jubilee Year 2025:
Pilgrims of Hope

The Holy See has announced that the Jubilee Year of 2025 will be marked by the theme “Pilgrims of Hope”. This theme calls us to reflect on how we can exemplify the theological virtue of hope even amidst a world as troubled as our own.

There will be a variety of commemorative events, pilgrimages and other initiatives as part of this jubilee year.
Stay tuned for further information on how we will celebrate this year in our archdiocese!

Learn more about the Jubilee Year at https://www.iubilaeum2025.va/en/

You can read Pope Francis Papal Bull related to the theme “Pilgrims of Hope” here: https://www.vatican.va/content/francesco/en/bulls/documents/20240509_spes-non-confundit_bolla-giubileo2025.html

To take part in some continuing seminars the CCCB’s committee for the Jubilee Year are currently hosting, visit here: https://www.cccb.ca/announcement/a-great-symphony-of-prayer-the-our-father-as-a-programme-of-life/