Because our Archdiocese is a missionary diocese we require your support – above what you already give to your own parish. Without your support, diocesan programs and churches are at risk. Areas that need your support are listed below. Please choose a program that you would like to support and is near and dear to your heart. All donors will receive a charitable receipt.


Our diocese sends men considering priesthood to St. Joseph Seminary in Edmonton. Those receiving seminary formation require financial support to attend university or Newman Theological College, depending on the level of their education.

Youth Ministries: 

Youth rallies, ski trips, summer camps…and much more. Christian community and evangelization take place in these venues.  Our youth are our most precious future in our diocese.

Foreign Vocations & Sister / Priest Recruitment

Our diocese relies on priests from other countries. Without them, we would not have enough priests to minister in all of our parishes. The priests who serve us come from such countries as the Philippines, Nigeria, Congo and India and require financial support in their transition to life and ministry in Canada.

Evangelization & Catechesis

Sister Louise Vanderploeg SSND, is the director of the Office of Evangelization & Catechesis. This involves bringing in guest speakers, organizing retreats and adult faith formation. Resources and information in liturgy, scripture, spirituality and catechesis are also provided for the parishes and community.

Cemetery Repair & Upkeep

Our diocese owns 29 cemeteries. These cemeteries require much needed repair and upkeep. A number of them no longer have a church community to support them.

Don’t want to choose? That is okay too. You can have your donation apply to the one that needs the most support.                                  

If you would like to donate please download and complete the Adopt-a- Program/PAD Form available on the website.

You can download a PDF of this information here.