An evening of GrACE

Valleyview parish hosts an evening to celebrate local author and Catholic education Len Mac Lennan sat by the fireplace set-up and recited a succession of poems and short prose, reminiscing […]

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Filling the church with carols

Ben Hill hopes Christmas festival will become a growing tradition for his parish

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A look back at Catholic cooperativism in Alberta

Evens Lavoie is a living link to St. Isidore’s unique history of cooperative farming The hamlet of St. Isidore is one of the most unique French settlements in western Canada. […]

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The pastoral call to serve

Rudy Jerome Mallannao reflects on workshops offering insights and inspirations for pastoral councils in the archdiocese This short reflection was written by Rudy Jerome Mallannao, who is currently serving the […]

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A century of church life

Donnelly’s Catholic community hold centennial celebration for their church Andre Maisonneuve’s life is intimately tied to the Paroisse Sacre-Coeur in Donnelly. He was baptized in 1939, in the church that […]

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‘Ryan, you’re going to be a priest’

Through many paths of discernment, Ryan Beaupre continues following the call to priesthood Ryan Beaupre’s discernment to the priesthood has taken his life in a plethora of directions. He has […]

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Just like a home monastery

Goodfare couple have preserved former church as home chapel for past 20 years When most churches close down, their fate is typically the same. No longer open to the public […]

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No longer a doubting Thomas

As he enters his sixth year of formation, Thomas Wollis reflects on his vocational journey In the months leading up to his high school graduation, Thomas Wollis was riddled with […]

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Walking together towards reconciliation

Angie Crerar and Archbishop Pettipas reflect on the meaning of reconciliation at church event Angie Crerar can still recall being a young girl in the Northwest Territories, staring at a […]

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Bringing back the momentum

After two summers without camp, Camp St. Martin returns with one of its best years yet For high schooler Julia Gawlak, Camp St. Martin has been a life-changing experience – […]

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