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December 2023 edition

Revitalizing parish life

Priests look ahead after completing the 2023 Clergy Study Days program

Not the hand, just the instrument

Rocky Okimaw is an example of devout faith for his parish and community

A ministry of presence

High Prairie pastor uses new training in ministry to sick and elderly

November 2023 edition

‘First we must make them saints’

Ste. Marie School in Spirit River spark students’ curiosity on All Saints Day

The search for the 99

Workshops held to renew youth ministry efforts in the archdiocese

Music, ministry & brotherhood

New men’s choir in Peace River hopes to be an important witness for men in the church

October 2023 edition

‘We are present’

After four years of hard work, Girouxville parish nears completion of its new church stairs

Introducing our new priests

Interviews with six new priests serving (or preparing to serve) in our archdiocese

Reigniting the legacy of Catholic health care

Community board hopes to see Covenant resources brought to the Peace Country

September 2023 edition

A holy oasis away from the world

First-time counsellor recounts his transformative experience at Camp St. Martin

The strength to rebuild

Little Red River community celebrate one-of-a-kind pilgrimage after devastating wildfire

‘Full to overflowing’

Sexsmith, Bezanson and Beaverlodge parishioners grateful to help refugees

July-August 2023 edition

Listening, gratitude and the Paschal Mystery

Priests leaving the archdiocese this summer reflect on their ministry in the Peace Country (Part I)

The Chicken Father

Priests leaving the archdiocese this summer reflect on their ministry in the Peace Country (Part II)

Honouring our roots

Polish Catholics of the province come together for annual Mass in Webster

June 2023 edition

The loss of St. Bernard’s

Grouard community mark the loss of historic church

Being with the people

Archbishop Pettipas reflects on his 2023 deanery visitation

Enduring the flames

Priests and parishioners hold to faith as wildfires ravage their communities

May 2023 edition

All in God’s time

Helen Ford has found a renewed strength and trust in God through her life-changing year

Arts, crafts and catechesis

St. Mary’s students learn about the Faith through monthly art project

10(3) Years on the Journey

St. Joseph Church celebrates a much-delayed centennial anniversary

April 2023 edition

Steps towards renewal

Clergy Study Days underway to enliven the missionary spirit of the archdiocese

Finding peace in the Church

Newly confirmed Catholics reflect on their journey into Catholicism

Reinforcing faith

Christian men of the Peace Country gather for conference at St. Joseph’s

March 2023 edition

After the example of the Good Shepherd

As he begins his pastoral internship this spring, Paul Edo-Aranmude reflects on his vocation

Living out the call to discipleship

CWL members of the archdiocese come together for spiritual workshop

Laying the foundations

A look back at the role of religious women in bringing health care to the Peace Country

January-February 2023 edition

Filling the church with carols

Ben Hill hopes Christmas festival will become a growing tradition for his parish

Christmas in Colville Lake

Fr. Leo English reflects on his recent Christmas in the isolated reaches of the Northwest Territories

An evening of GrACE

Valleyview parish hosts an evening to celebrate local author and Catholic education

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