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April 8th, 2024

Dear Pastors, Brother Priests, Sister and Parishioners,

As of last Tuesday morning, April 2nd, the Archbishop was admitted to the Grande Prairie hospital for further treatment due to lingering effects of the radiation treatment received last September. Of concern is the presence of bleeding in the bladder and the occasional formation of clots.  Otherwise, the Archbishop is in good spirits and is doing minimal computer work from his room.  Please note that all previously scheduled appointments from the Archbishop’s calendar are postponed or cancelled until further notice. 

If there are concerns or questions regarding the calendar, contact the chancery for clarification.  Because of frequent medical interventions, the Archbishop is not always close to his telephone or available to visitors.  Your parish may wish to create a prayer chain and messages of well-being for healing and recovery to the Archbishop.  Cards can be forwarded to the Chancery. Please refrain from sending flowers or gift baskets at this time.

Confident in Christ our Lord,

Msgr Charles Lavoie PH
Vicar General/Chancellor